Our Mission & Partners

Youth Mentorship:

Be a “Big Brother” & “Big Sister” to a child struggling in grade school transitions at school. We provide extra guidance and support with personal well-being, self-esteem, community engagement and life skills. A mentor is a valued, influential supporter, in the life of an emerging adult.

Training & STEM/STREAM Development:

Provide a variety of training and workshops that focus on learning computer skills, while advancing elements of STEM/STREAM through our very successful "Paths To The Future" development programs.  Our volunteers and sponsors help make this possible.

Healthy Lifestyle Fundraisers:

Provide exercise and fitness programs, emotional wellness programs, and arrange motivational coaches for the community. 

The "Empowered Youth" Kids Clubs:

Kids teaching other kids how to "give back" and stay healthy via cool clubs and tech advancements.    

Childhood Literacy Advocacy:

Our organization will collect books throughout the year to be donated to individuals in need and who frequent the organizations with which we work.  We will identify opportunities to help build  resource centers in accessible locations. 

100% Tax Deductible Donations

Earning and maintaining the trust of our donors is very important to us at 2nd Chance 4 Kids, Inc..  Our commitment to a no pressure donor experience and full transparency is key to a trusting relationship with all of our donors. We invite you to actively participate in our charity activities as we appreciate 

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Our Partners